Roman Cuisine – Pasta Alla Gricia

Posted 12.04.19 by Leigh

Roman Cuisine – Pasta Alla Gricia

Venue: Various restaurants throughout Rome, Italy.

Pasta has been a staple diet for Romans for many centuries and nowadays it is a staple food that can be found everywhere around the world. There are several types of dishes that originate from the area of Rome, including Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana and Gricia. Often known as the 'white amatriciana' Pasta Alla Gricia is a great example of a very simple, but extraordinarily tasty pasta recipe. As far back as the Roman Empire era, Roman chefs and cooks would experementalise in the kitchen, and Pasta Alla Gricia is reported to have come into being around 400 A.D. in Rome. As mentioned, this dish is very simple, normally containing just six ingredients in total: Pecorino romano cheese, guanciale or pancetta, salt, black pepper, dried pasta, traditionally either rigatoni or spaghetti and tablespoon extra virgin olive oil for frying. Although lesser known than the three other main Roman pasta dishes, it is definitely well loved in the city and can be found on the menus of most osterias, trattorias and restaurants.

Click on the following link for a traditional Pasta Alla Gricia recipe: Roman cuisine Pasta Alla Gricia recipe

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