Wine Exhibition In Rome Vinòforum Spazio Del Gusto 2018

Posted 01.06.18 by Leigh

Wine Exhibition In Rome Vinòforum Spazio Del Gusto 2018

Date(s): 15/06/18 - 24/06/18. Venue: Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz, 00135 Rome, Italy.

Wine lovers should not miss out on the 15th edition of the 'Vinòforum Spazio Del Gusto' (Wine Forum Area Of Taste) wine exhibition in Rome, which is located near the River Tiber in the northern suburb of Farnesina. The 9-day event brings together a large selection of Italian wineries and foreign ones, who will be showcasing thousands of wines, with wine tastings available, as well as technical presentations and so forth. This year, there are also four new areas at the exhibition; the Wine & Gourmet Arena, a stage set in the heart of the event where 24 shows will debut; the Alchemiq Bar, dedicated to the excellence of mixing; an Oleoteca (Oil Shop), dedicated to the best Italian extra virgin olive oils; and finally, the Lounge Bar Distillery, offering some of Italy's best whiskies and other distilled beverages. For beginners there is also a 3-day course, ABC of Wine, which will highlight the main techniques of the art of wine tasting. Wine is not the only produce on offer, as there will be some well-known chefs producing high quality cuisine to match with several of the wines.

Opening times: Sunday to Thursday: 7:00pm to 12:00am / Friday to Saturday: 7:00pm to 1:00am / Tickets: 16 Euros

69 Manin Street - Via Daniele Manin 69, 00185 Rome, Italy
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