Rome Exhibition The Forums Since The Forums

Posted 28.04.17 by Leigh

Rome Exhibition The Forums Since The Forums

Date(s): 30.03.17 - 10.09.17. Venue: Trajan's Market/Museum Of The Imperial Fora, Via IV Novembre 94, 00187 Rome, Italy.

The Imperial Forum in Rome is located in the ancient heart of the city and it is now an architectural complex like no other in the world in terms of size and urban continuity. Over the years it has been subject to extraordinarily intensive excavations, studies and research. To celebrate the last 25 years of excavations and discoveries the Trajan Market - Museum of the Imperial Fora is holding an event entitled 'I Fori Dopo I Fori - La vita quotidiana nell'area dei Fori Imperiali dopo l'Antichità' (The Forums Since The Forums - Daily life in the Imperial Forums since Ancient times). The exhibition portrays the events that happened in the area from Medieval to Modern times - the reality of daily life in important historic periods that came after Ancient Roman times - with exhibits that include pottery, sculptures, money, items used for worship and daily use objects. What happened during those historical periods is less well known with respect to ancient times and many of these artefacts are being displayed for the first time.

Opening times: Monday to Sunday: 9:30am to 7:30pm / Last entrance is one hour before closing time / Tickets: 13 Euros (full price) / 11 Euros (concessions)

69 Manin Street - Via Daniele Manin 69, 00185 Rome, Italy
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