Open House At Rome's Palaces 2015

Posted 13.11.15 by Leigh


Dates: 01.11.15 - 30.11.15. Address: Throughout Rome, Italy.

The tourism operator, Turismo Culturale Italiano, who specialises in cultural and artistic tourism, has scheduled its third edition of 'Palazzi di Roma a Porte Aperte' (Open House At Rome's Palaces). During the whole of November 2015 various private palaces and houses, several of which once belonged to important Roman families, are offering an 'open door' policy. This means that the general public can take a peek at these magnificent buildings, most of which are rarely opened to the public. Several of the palace buildings, such as Palazzo della Cancelleria and Palazzo Barberini, are still used today in certain state affairs. Whereas other are home to some works from Italy's most famous and influential artists, including Caravaggio, Guercino, Bernini and Moretti.

Guided tours are also available and admission fees vary depending on the landmark and reservations must be made in advance. See the official website above for more details (in Italian only).

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