Triumphs And Laments 2016 Frieze In Rome

Posted 01.04.16 by Leigh


Opening Dates: 21/22.04.16. Venue: Piazza Tevere (Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini), Rome, Italy.

Rome is thought to be founded on the 21st April 753 B.C., which is known as 'Natale di Roma' in Italian. This year, like most years, many of the city's civic museums are open to the public for free. Also for free this year will be an inspiring frieze that will be installed along the walls of the River Tiber. The frieze is created by South African artist William Kentridge, who is known for his prints, drawings and animated films. It is entitled 'Triumphs And Laments 2016' and it will be his largest public work to date, measuring 550 metres and featuring more than 90 large-scale figures from Roman history and mythology, representing the city's victories and defeats.

The work will open on the 21st-22nd April in the area of the River Tiber which can be accessed via the staircases at Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini. The opening will be inaugurated by a theatrical program created in collaboration with composer Philip Miller, and featuring a live shadow play and two processional bands performing against the backdrop of the frieze. The program will be performed four times over two days, and will be free and open to the public. The frieze itself is created by a process known as 'reverse graffiti', which leaves only the darkened marks of pollution and organic growth on the stone walls, creating the silhouetted figures.

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