Craft Beer Week In Rome

Posted 04.03.16 by Leigh


Date(s): 07.03.16 - 13.03.16. Address: various throughout Rome, Italy.

From Monday the 7th March to Sunday 13th March (2016), Rome, and many other parts of Italy, will be celebrating a week devoted to craft beer. The craft beer and microbrewery movement began more or less in the United Kingdom during the Seventies and has since expanded and become popular in North America and many European countries, especially with young people. A craft beer brewer is loosely defined as a small, independent and traditional brewery which 'crafts' its beer rather than mass manufactures it. There are over 50 events in Rome during Craft Beer Week (Settimana Della Birra Artigianale) starting with the pre-opening party 'Il Ballo delle Debuttanti' (The Ball of the Debutantes) on the 6th March which will showcase 10 new craft beers. The event's main aim is to promote quality beer throughout Rome and Italy and it involved hundreds of companies from the beer industry, including pubs, bars, beer shops, microbreweries and restaurants. Check out their official website (in Italian only) for a full rundown on events and happenings.

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